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The Mermaid is a work done in the style of George Segal.
The Mermaid
Plaster, Steel rod
8' x 3' x 4'
June 2010

I created the Mermaid based on the style of George Segal. I wanted it to look like what he would do if he actually found a mermaid, while also representing a mythical creature that exists only in the imaginary world. I was inspired by a game that my sisters and I played as children. For years we continued to live within the story of our creation anytime we traveled to the beach. Because my sister had a lot to do with that story, I decided to take the life cast from her. I studied and reproduced George Segal's method by researching, but added a few of my own touches in order to achieve my vision. I used rope for the hair to replicate a version of dreadlocks and chicken wire to give the sense of scales.